Automated Form Fill Emails

To access the form builder you must have first accessed the “visual page builder” version of the page. This will allow you to utilize the drag and drop widgets to build your page. From here search or scroll until you find the “Form” Widget, drag it to the spot you like, and build it how you like!

The Form Builder gives you many option settings including what happens after the form is submitted.

Insure you notify all the parties that would need to action the form response!

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Add advanced process automation to your form fills


One we recommend setting up is to add users that fill out your page forms to an email list. These email lists can be used to trigger email nurture campaigns, a series of emails meant to onboard or nurture your audience.

Your automation should look something like this

Try it out now:

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Build Your Email Lists

Own your client data and use your email lists to onboard and nurture your audience

Use the MailPoet integration to build your email lists. 

Afterwards you can build emails and set a timer for how long after someone is added to the list that the email is automatically sent!

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