Use a no-code drag-and-drop visual page builder for all of your website pages.

Easily edit pages from the frontend of your site by using the visual page builder in the top bar header when logged in and viewing your site.

The button looks like this:

Also can use the blue edit button found on the bottom right of the screen on pages you have the permission to edit.

Look for this:

You need to login to view this page.

The inbound buyer’s journey.

As a business, it is important to focus on the content and communication that will guide new prospects to sell or to become sales qualified leads! You have the opportunity to help educate, inspire, and guide them along the way!

The three areas to focus on are:

Define your sales offer:

When your prospect has decided on their solution strategy, method, or approach.

Consideration Stage:

When your prospect has clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity.

Awareness Stage:

When your prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity

Organize all your pages and posts into navigation menus that make it easy for your users to navigate your site.

Control who gets to the navigation by selecting the visibility.

Select an icon for your navigation menu by clicking the button.

You need to login to view this page.

You need to login to view this page.

Sidebars can be used to display widgets in different spots around your website.

Easily build your sidebars by dragging the widgets into the order you like.

You need to login to view this page.

Popups can be essential tools for various reasons. You can use them to collect leads and expand your email marketing list.

Popups can help you connect with your customers. You can embed surveys to ask for consumer feedback and improve your products and services.

Types of popups:

  • – Lead capture forms
  • – Email signup popups
  • – Promotional popups
  • – Login and welcome forms
  • – Restricted content popups
  • – Upsell and cross-sell forms

Design them how you want to with an easy to use visual page builder. Then, decide on the conditions for when your popup is shown.

Build Your Site Theme

When viewing your website, logged in with the correct permissions, you will see a button on the top bar navigation that says, “visual page builder”, from here you will see a drop down that gives you the option of theme builder.

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Image Credit: Huffington Post

Add your business team and assign access to website dashboards

Most businesses involve many members working together to achieve the desired goal. 
Use your user management dashboard to add new members to your Online Business and to change the permissions that they have access to.

Automate Your Website Emails

Instant communication with everyone that interacts with your site. 

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