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Build and Manage Sales Funnels That MAXIMIZE your online revenue!

Your buyer’s journey doesn’t need to end at the checkout! Continue making offers  to increase average order value with one-click upsells.

Selling to your existing customers is easy!

How a One-Click Upsell Works


Get a 10% to 30% boost in revenue by quickly adding compelling offers with order bumps on the checkout.

How Order Bumps Work?

Want to increase your average order value? Consider including a Pre Checkout Offer.

Make your store more profitable. Make more money from each transaction, thereby increasing your average order value.

Once a customer has filled in their details and clicks on Proceed to Checkout, a popup will be displayed. You could include a product offer related to the product they’re purchasing.

You could also choose to offer an additional percentage discount to incentivize the purchase.

By just enabling the checkout offer in the CartFlows checkout page, you’re ready with your Pre-Checkout Offers.

Pre-Checkout Offer helps:

Let CartFlows make eCommerce easy and more profitable for you.

Boost conversion by identifying areas of opportunity based on the deep insights on funnel performance.

Use A/B split testing to identify the offers, products, and content that leads to higher conversions.

Advanced A/B Tests, Without The Technicalities

Get your split tests up and running within minutes. All that, without any technical knowledge!

Beginner-Friendly Setup

Creating advanced A/B tests is easy. Simply duplicate a page and make the required changes, select the traffic to split, and go live!

Live Analytics Dashboard

See real-time data about your A/B tests so you find ways to improve conversions right from the CartFlows dashboard.

One Click To Choose The Winner

Make the winning variant your primary sales funnel for all of your prospects instantly.

How Does A/B Testing Work?


Show Even More Relevant Offers To Customers​

Scale Up Your Store

Start Building Right Away

Why spend hours designing the perfect offer? With drag-and-drop builders and powerful templates it very easy to set up your order bumps.

Designs That Grab Maximum Attention​

Build attractive order bump offers with fully customizable templates. Make your offers stand out on your checkout page and encourage more users to add more products to their cart!

Sell More Products With Less Work​

Take advantage of pre-integrated tools that complement your sales process. Display the most relevant single or multiple order bump offers based on what users have in cart or what they’ve purchased before!

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