Automated Payments
Easy Withdrawal

Top up your account!

All collected currencies are automatically converted to DGENs at a ratio of 1 DGEN = 1 CDN (Canadian Dollar) and deposited to the member’s wallet based on any Revenue Sharing Contracts on such earned revenue.

Members are free to withdraw their balance (at 1 DGEN = 1 CDN) at anytime or transfer to other members with 0% transaction fees.

Member wallets allow for the easy purchase of any product or service throughout the Digital Society with 0% payment gateway or transaction fees. 

0% Transaction Fees on member to member transfers.

Revenue sharing done easy

Easy withdrawal any time!

DGEN Balance is converted at 1 DGEN = 1 CDN at time of withdrawal.

No additional withdrawal fee is charged by us but all payment gateway fees are deducted.

When you are ready to withdraw your earned DGENS send us a message and our team will work with you to determine the lowest transaction fee option!

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