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Typically a business will define not only the main colour of the brand but also accent colours. If you are looking for colour combination ideas try one of the many internet generators like https://coolors.co/generate
It is important to pick web fonts that not only match your business brand but that appeal to your target audience. To review a list of available font types please visit fonts.google.com. Once you have found the font types you like you can define them for your new website, online store, or digital community.

A Hex Colour code is what tells people’s monitors what colours to show them and how you match your brand colours only. 


Eg. Black is represented as: #000000


**Tip** If you use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser there is a super handy extension that will give you the hex color of anything you see online. It’s called ColorZilla and you can find our more information about it here: https://www.colorzilla.com/  

The choice of colour can have a big impact on your business.

Hubspot (one of the leading marketing automation software companies on the marketing) did an A/B example to test out the effect of colour. 
All things being equal except the colour of the button. Many hypothesised that the green button would outperform the red because green means go.
They ran the test over a few days and had over 2000 visits in total and they tracked whether or not the button was clicked.

It looked like this:

The Result?

The red button out performed the green button by 21%. Could you imagine you could increase your customers by 21% just by changing a button from Green to Red?

Click here to read the full case study

Defining Your Business’ Internet Colours


Image Credit: Huffington Post