Every member who registers through any of the connected websites is automatically assigned a tracking url. 

When a new member registers having come through a tracking URL we automatically add them to that member’s team.

Easily share any connected content

The social share buttons, throughout The Digital Office automatically adds logged-in member's tracking URLs to all the share buttons!

Gain insight into your team building success!

Earn DGENs from your team members.

2% revenue share each time your referred team members buy or sell through any connected site!

This is your share of the revenue share fee that is charged to every sale that happens throughout all connected sites, stores, and communities.

Bonus 20% Revenue Share

Every time your Referred Team Members purchase any of the following Digital Office’s Business Services.

Share any connected content, products, and offers adding  your member tracking URL to it.

Get automatically paid to your member wallet everytime your team members buy or sell throughout The Digital Society.

Once a member has earned some DGENs that have been deposited into their Digital Office member wallet it can then be withdrawn to a Paypal account at ratio of 1 DGEN to 1 CDN.

No additional withdrawal fee added but all payment gateway fees are charged.

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0% Transaction Fees on member to member transfers.

Revenue sharing done easy
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Easy withdrawal any time!

Email Money Transfer

Bank Account Transfer

Send to Paypal account

Bitcoin Transfer

Etherium Transfer


Join The Community.

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Remote Team Project Management and Collaboration with The Digital Office.

Project Groups.

Member Dashboard.​

Everything You Need to Manage Your Projects Online

Create, organize, & assign projects, tasks, to-dos, faster than ever. Manage your work with deadlines, milestones, subtasks, activities, progress reports & advanced insights.

Inside the Digital Office you will be able to access Virtual Meeting Rooms which will super-charge your productivity creating, organizing and assigning tasks within a few clicks. Each group is assigned it’s own projects workspace which user-friendly interface and web-based task management feature enables your teams to complete their to-dos quicker than ever.

We have built the remote team project management and collaboration tools right into your Digital Office member profile. This is where all tasks, reports and project communication will happen.

Packed With Features.

Individual Member Overview

A complete general overview of the project you are currently working on with options to go to activities, Task List, Milestone, Manage files and more.

Build project templates for your products and automate tasks after sale!

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Groups Directory

Groups Directory

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