Welcome to the Digital Society

“Do what you say you are going to do and leave the office politics at the door,
the only thing that matters is results.”

Start Building Your Online Wealth With The Digital Office Today!

The Digital Society is a social business network that provides the tools and platform for members to earn online, build a networked business and grow online wealth.

Every member profile has access to The Digital Office tools needed for remote project management and to build a connected Site, Store, or community.

Each member profile has networkwide affiliate tracking and automatic payouts to member wallets.

Any money earned by the member profile is converted at 1 CDN 1 DGEN to 1 CDN and deposited to the member wallet.

The digital society is a social platform that allows business owners to build, grow and automate their online business.

Once a member is registered they can access all the tools through The Digital Office Dashboard.

Our Vision

Reducing barriers for people to turn their business idea into a reality online. Built by members for members.

Our Mission

Build a trustless automated business network, that supports global digital business.

Our Focus

Growing member’s online wealth.

There was a saying that stuck with us long ago, it was that in a Gold Rush it’s better to be the one making shovels than digging the gold. While this got us to thinking what are the tools that business owner’s need in this new digital world.

It’s also obvious, at least to us, that this should be done in a decentralized manner that accounts for global business local business laws.

I mean because who wants to:

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