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No longer  worry about complicated backends with our web builder dashboard.

Pre-built functionality thats is ready to go at the click of a button to get your business’ vision online faster.

Build new websites, online stores, and digital communities,
to support your business network.

It's time for business owners to take back their data!

All Web Builder Plans Include:

Stay engaged as we build success


Get daily, monthly task timeline or user activities on a project in the calendar mode.

Create task

Task Filter

Filter tasks by Projects or Users to find out your desired tasks easily.

Access Everything You Need to Manage Your Web Building project with your member profile!

After successfully setting up a new Web Builder Account your assigned Digital Navigator will invite you to a new project in your Business Meeting room. 

Inside here you will meet your remote project team who will dive into the details of building a successful website, online store, or digital community!

A sneak peek at our project plan

A sneak peek at our project plan

It starts with understanding your online business vision.

We start with a website assessment that allows our team to fully understand the features needs to support your online use case.


  •  Who is your ideal customer
  •  What problem are you solving
  •  What are the current solutions that can solve that problem
  •  What is your solution
  •  Why should a customer pick you over your competitors
  •  Why should a potential customer take action now?



Establish your brand & define your sales offer.

Can you clearly articulate your business elevator pitch? Provide your business value? Explain why you are the company to choose?

The first step is clarify and document these so that your team can explain it on brand to their networks.


1) Your Business Purpose & Brand Assets
2) Customize your website theme with a visual web builder to match your business brand

Content that empowers sales.

Understand the offering, defining the ideal client profile and keyword analysis.

Industry specific use cases, thought leadership content and proposal templates will assist your sales team with easy responses to questions. Show that you are a step ahead of your prospects with ready to go content that answers their questions and prompts them to move towards a sale conversion.

1) Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, & GDPR Compliancy
2) Submit the 5 pages to be designed on your website.
3) Build new website pages & update your website
4) Add blogs and video posts
5) Organize Your Content into Channels or playlists and tag directors and actors in your videos
6) Share your content throughout social media

Take advantage of drag and drop widgets and a no code visual page builder for your Pages, Products, Blogs and more!


Use our visual page builder and theme customizer to make your site look exactly how you like without having to worry about code.

Drag and drop widgets that allowing you to visually design the entire site and easily make changes for all your future updates!

Build, manage and promote your digital content!


Our team will match your applications settings to your business purpose.

We will also support your team on managing and updating everything through The Digital Office.





1) Assigning Website Menus

2) Integrating Google Analytics

3) Integrate your email sending with custom domain
4) Setting up your custom domain
5) Assigning User’s to a website role
6) User on-boarding & nurturing emails
7) Automating Processes

Bring your online products to life with a suite of advanced online product-building tools.


Focus on building relationships not selling products or services.

No longer do you need to wait for people to come and find your business with the use of social media and online platforms you have the opportunity to go out and engage in where the discussion is happening today.

Communication funnels will allow you to create an offer and specific action you want the prospect to take. This partnered with automated follow-ups will create a powerful revenue-generating tool for you.


1) Shipping Integration

2) Affiliate Terms of Service Generator

3) Store Settings

4) Payment Gateways

5) Products and Offers

6) Shop Emails

7) Affiliate Programs

8) Affiliate SMTP (email) integration

9) Affiliate emails

10) Customers, orders, & invoices

Building a social community on any of the major social media networks may seem like the obvious choice for your business until considering that you don’t actually own it.

Why building community is critical to your business success?


1) Network Settings

2) Profile Settings

3) Social Side Bar Widgets

4) Community Member Types

5) Community Emails

6) Setting up your community groups & group types

7) Rewards Programs & Building Your Site Coin

Your Flywheel Business.

Integrate selling systems and empower your team to social sell online.

Gone are the days of not knowing your return on marketing investment, sales complaining about the quality of marketing leads, and having to do repeated processes continuously. 

Throughout the buyer’s journey your visitors will overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals differently and you will need to understand what they’re thinking and feeling, as they progress toward making a purchase that way you match them step for step.

Knowing who your customers are, what content they need, and when they need that content is a great first step! 

Today, your social media profiles are often a new prospect’s first interaction with your organization. Professional design and the copy that leads people into your marketing funnels can make a huge difference in driving new leads from social.

    • Understand the platforms that your audience considers interesting and relevant.
    • Create content that matches the voice and tone you want to establish for your brand.
    • Publish the type of content a user may be looking for on that specific channel.


1) Advertising

2) Social Selling

3) Newsletters

Upsell and cross-sell through support

Focus on the delight stage if you’re looking to improve your customer retention, customer lifetime value, and referrals.

It is important that you focus on spreading your resources across the entire buyers journey.
The payoff comes from building loyal customers who will refer traffic and new customers to your business.

Task List

1) How to contact support

2) Using groups and project meeting rooms to support your customers

Integrated Hosting & Licensing

Networked websites allow members to take advantage of reduced time to launch, ongoing management fees, and licensing costs!

We have bundled together all the costs needed for you to launch a new site into one monthly cost. 

Plus you get to take advantage of our pre-built automation processes which get your application online faster.

All new websites start with the starter licensing and hosting plans which are large enough for most businesses to build a beta version of their new online application.

When your business’s data needs exceed these our data specialists will match you with cost effective options that allow you to truly scale!

Our sites are proudly hosted with

Easy back end management

A no code, easy to use dashboard that makes it easy for business owners to manage their websites, online stores, and digital communities.

We grow with our members

We take pride in our member’s online business success.

We have had the pleasure to work with many companies through their digital evolution. 


Assisting with digital marketing, web applications, and technical integration our team has assisted companies in reaching their digital strategy goals.

Will your business be next?