Whitepaper - Tokenomics of The Digital Society

The Digital Society is built to support members to work online, build an online business and invest their profits!


Our focus is on providing integrated, automated and results driven solutions which automatically share revenue with the members who helped bring together the sale.



This whitepaper provides a detailed description of the coins used throughout The Digital Society that facilitate the movement of money.


This is the transactional coin that members earn throughout The Digital Society. 

Every member who registers to The Digital Society receives a network wide wallet which is where all DGENs are held. We offer many opportunities for members to earn DGENs throughout The Digital Society. DGENs are issued every time any other currency is brought to The Digital Society through the purchase of any connected offering. Take advantage of pre-integrated payments that allow acceptance from:

  • Paypal
  • ETH
  • BTC
  • And many other coins!


Any money received by a member is converted to DGENs at a ration of 1 DGEN to 1 CDN.

Member to member transfers of DGENs have a 0% transaction fee and can be withdrawn to a Paypal account at any time. We do not charge withdrawal fees but all exchange and Paypal fees still apply.

Easy withdrawal of DGENs any time!



Easily withdraw DGENs to a Payal account at 1 DGEN to 1 CDN anytime. Any member wallet with a balance can click the withdrawal button and connect the paypal account to send the currency to.


Cryptocurrencies Coming Soon


We have the following cryptocurrencies available for purchase with DGENs. These can be sent to any wallet address.

  • ETH
  • BNB
  • Bitcoin


Rev coins can only be purchased with DGENs. Rev coins are issued at the end of the month to match 50% circulating DGENs. Rev coins are issued at 1 DGEN to 1 Rev Coin.


Rev coin owners receive a 15% Revenue Share bonus from all The Digital Society revenue each month dropped to their member wallets as DGENs.



20% of all new Rev coin purchases are dispersed back to all Rev coin holders at the end of each month.

5% of all new Rev Coin purchases goes to the member who referred the Buying member to The Digital Society

Technical Implementation

Conditional Payouts: https://wordpress.org/plugins/conditional-payments-for-woocommerce/

Rev Plus 

RevPlus coins offer a 25% Revenue Share Bonus to benefit our early supporters. RevPlus Tokens are available for purchase from market leading blockchains like BNB, ETH and Pancakeswap however the 25% Revenue share DGEN drops will only be dispersed to members who have them held at their Digital Society member wallet. Easily launch yours today at The Digital Office!

20,000,000 Coins minted.

Issue Price: $0.1 CDN per RevPlus Coin.

Discounts and buybacks available to exchanges. 

Available for purchase with market leading blockchains.

Dynamic token prices from Coinbase.com.



ETH & ERC 20

  • Allows easy payment via MetaMask or any other Web3 Wallet client. If customer do not want to use MetaMask, she can just copy and paste Value, Address, and Data fields in her favorite wallet software.
  • Provides a link to install MetaMask on desktop and deep link to install MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet on mobile
  • Mobile ready with WalletConnect payment method

All RevShare Coins need to be verified to a Digital Office Member profile to receive monthly dispursements. All disbursements are split equally with verified coin holders at time of disbursement.

These are verified inside of The Digital Office Asset Shelf.


*Insert details of wallet asset.


Technical Implementation


ETH Wallet


Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway


sell your Ethereum ERC20 ICO Crowdsale tokens from your WordPress website. 


Revenue Share Fund Money Flow


Phase 1 

Phase 2 

Phase 3 

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