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Stop giving away your data for free.

We believe that data should be owned by individuals or businesses and when either chooses to share their data it should truly benefit them not benefit some other business to trick you into buying something.
That is why we built The Digital Society to give the power back to businesses and to our connected members.
Allowing business owners to build their web applications in a network of connected members while still owning their business data.
A trustless network. Built by members for members. 

Top up your account!

Automated Payments and Success Tracking.

All collected currencies are automatically converted to DGENs at a ratio of 1 DGEN = 1 CDN (Canadian Dollar) and sent to the member’s wallet based on any Revenue Sharing Contracts on the earned revenue.

Members are free to withdraw this, at 1 DGEN = 1 CDN,  anytime they like but if it is needed to send to other members first this can be done with 0% transaction fees.

Member wallets allow for easy purchase of any product or service throughout the Digital Society with 0% payment gateway fees. 


Once a member has earned some DGENs that have been deposited into their Digital Office member wallet it can then be withdrawn to a Paypal account at ratio of 1 DGEN to 1 CDN.

No additional withdrawal fee added but all payment gateway fees are charged.

0% Transaction Fees on member to member transfers.

Revenue sharing done easy
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Easy withdrawal any time!

Email Money Transfer

Bank Account Transfer

Send to Paypal account

Bitcoin Transfer

Etherium Transfer


Earn a revenue share from all your team members.

Automated revenue sharing with the people who grow connected businesses. 

Whether it be connected members, businesses, or Generation Digital Corp Team Members we think you can save the contracts, onboarding, and success tracking by automating the entire process meaning that the agreed-upon deal is automatically executed.
Every member profile is assigned a unique tracking ID which can be added to the end of any URL that is on The Digital Society Network. When a new member comes to any networked site through a URL that has a tracking ID and registers or purchases The Digital Society automatically adds that new member to the member profile that matches the tracking ID, we call them The Team Lead.

Launch new websites, online stores, and digital communities!

Build Your Website.

$ 14
Monthly Hosting and Licensing
  • Visiual Page Builder
  • Add up to 5 Products
  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • 3 GB of Space
  • $999 Set-Up Fee

Build Your Store.

$ 49
Monthly Hosting and Licensing
  • Advanced Product and Funnel Builder
  • Pre-integrated payments
  • Network wide affiliates
  • 6 GB of Space
  • $1499 Set-Up Fee

Build Your Community.

$ 79
Monthly Hosting and Licensing
  • Social Community with Rewards Management
  • Remote team and client managment
  • Launch your own marketplace, tournament or league
  • 9 GB of Space
  • $1999 Set-Up Fee

 A  place  for  business  owners  to  transact  online  with  powerful  web  building  tools needed  to build  digital  business offers,  connect  remote  project  groups,  & digitally  grow. 

The Generation Digital Corp’s connected team is here to assist you
in growing your digital business.

Generation Digital Corp has been around for 5+ years now and through that time we have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing companies.

Our goal with all of these businesses was to assist them in adopting and improving digital strategies allowing them to automate processes, reach new customers, and gain analytical oversight of their business.
If you are looking for assistance with your digital strategy we invite you to set up a virtual meeting room and add our team! This will allow us one easy spot to understand your business, provide us remote communication, and manage all projects if you choose to engage our team.

Launch a virtual meeting room and let’s get started building your digital strategy!

Step 1

Register to The Digital Society and enter into your Digital Office member profile.

Step 2

Launch a new virtual meeting room with a description of your innovation goals, skills gaps, or technology needs.

Step 3

 Add The Digital Navigator to The Virtual Meeting Room, every member profile automatically will have them as a friend.
Know a business that is looking to grow digitally?
When they engage our team you can share in their success,
with our automated bonus commission program!

Receive 20% of the sale

Every time a team member purchases any
Generation Digital Corp’s business growth and integration services.

Team Leads are automatically added to all of their Team Member’s Projects to get an overview of ongoing projects and payouts!

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Revenue Sharing With Our Members

Revenue Sharing With Our Members

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