Automated Sales Commisions

Automatically onboard, track and pay your online sales team.

Higher visibility

Affiliates constantly promote your products and services, drastically improving your website’s SEO.

More traffic

Higher visibility means more people will visit your website, and see your products and services.

Increased sales

More traffic to your website means an increased likelihood of converting them into real customers.

Build commission programs

Every new product created through The Digital Office Dashboard has the ability to add a custom bonus commission program. 

Manage your offers, products and people

Gain insight and obtain oversight of all bonus commissions programs in The Digital Office Affiliate Management Dashboard page.

Automatic payments and payouts

Handle transactions automatically with funds directly deposited into a Member’s Wallet. Additional Member to Member transfers with 0% Transaction Fees,

Also offering easy withdrawals at anytime to a Paypal or Stripe account.

Need to add or change to your business team? Click here to launch the user dashboard.



Team Roles With Affiliate Management Access Include:

  • – Business Admin
  • – Store Admin
  • Affiliate Manager


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Packed with features for affiliate program success!

Accurate affiliate tracking

We track affiliate referrals reliably, on servers with aggressive caching.

Real-time reporting

Track affiliate-referred visits, referrals, earnings and affiliate registrations in real time, without delay.

Unlimited affiliates

Have an unlimited number of affiliates actively promoting your website, products, and services.

Unlimited creatives

Give your affiliates unlimited visual resources or text links for faster, more effective promotion of your site.

Affiliate coupon tracking

Connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts with affiliate coupon tracking.

Easy affiliate management

See your top earning affiliates, view affiliate reports, edit individual affiliate accounts, and moderate affiliate registrations.

Automatic affiliate creation

Enable automatic affiliate account creation for all users who register a new WordPress user account on your site.

Manual affiliate approval

Affiliate registrations can be moderated by admins, automatically accepted, or accounts can be manually created.

Affiliate Area

A dashboard for your affiliates to track their performance, view earnings, retrieve their referral URL, find creatives, and more!

Referral link generator

Affiliates can generate their own referral links from the Affiliate Area with the built-in referral link generator.

Referral rate types

Choose between flat rate and percentage referral rate types on a global, per-affiliate, and per-product basis.

Easy affiliate registration

AffiliateWP ships with a default affiliate registration form so users can register as affiliates instantly.

Affiliate URLs

Choose pretty URLs or non-pretty. Affiliates can use their unique Affiliate ID or WordPress username in URLs.

Set cookie expiration

Choose how many days the referral tracking cookie should be valid for.

Simple shortcodes

Use WordPress-friendly shortcodes for the affiliate login form, the registration form, URLs, and more.

Customizable emails

Emails for admin notifications, pending affiliate applications, affiliate application approval and rejection, and new referral notifications.

Export data to CSV

Export affiliate data and referral data to a CSV file for forecasting, bookkeeping, and accounting purposes.

Network-Wide Bonus Commission & Rewards Programs

Trustless Systems

All members can easily add a referral/affiliate program, what we call a bonus commission program, to any connected products or business offers. 

This gives all networked members a bonus revenue share when they promote your business!

You earn 2% of all your team members' bonus commission (affiliate) program sales.

That is to say when someone you refer adds an affiliate program to a connected product you will automatically receive 2% of every sale!

SHARE IN SUCCESS, we win together.

Add A Rewards Program & Increase Your Revenue Today!

A rewards program is a key ingredient to creating a profitable website.

A recent poll in the US found that 69% of customers allow the presence of rewards or loyalty programs to influence their shopping decisions and 58% of consumers shop at least once a month at stores whose loyalty programs they’ve joined.

Build brand loyalty by rewarding your customers through store reward systems, community leaderboards, monetizing your website content, etc. – The possibilities are endless.

Increase customer engagement tenfold – Rewarding your users for community engagement will help your business grow.

THREE different ways through which you can award your users:

Points & Coins

Set events and triggers to allow real-time tracking and automatically award your users with points.

Rank Rewards

Set ranks within your leaderboards and reward your users with significant perks after they reach a certain milestone.

Badge Achievements

Boost your users’ participation by rewarding them for their exceptional performance.


Allows users to redeem your points for real money anytime, anywhere. Give users the power to earn points through an intelligent rewards system. Instead of giving them cash, you reward them with points that can be encashed at any time.

  • Convert Points to Cash – Users can redeem points for money.
  • Multiple Point Types – Allow multiple custom point types.
  • Exchange Rates – Define exchange rates for each point type.
  • Cash Withdrawal – Users can send a request to the admin for cash withdrawal
  • User Requests – Approve or deny user requests for cash withdrawal.
  • Additional Notes – Write additional notes for users, which will be displayed on the payment form.
  • Currency Code – Define the currency code (USD, GBP, AUD, etc.) for the payment form.
  • Set Limits & Restrictions – Set minimum or maximum restriction limits on point conversion requests.
  • Create email events/templates for pending/approved/cancel requests.

Empower your website users by rewarding them points – each user has their own POINT BALANCE that can be used in purchasing online products or online activities.

  • Point Balances: Each user on your website will have their own point balance, where they’ll be able to gain/lose viewpoints.
  • Account History: Each time a user gains or loses points on your website, the transaction is logged into a central log for accountability.
  • Points Management: You have full control over your users’ point balances; You can adjust your user/s balance by adding or removing points with or without a log entry.
  • Automatic Points: Automatically award or deduct points from your user’s balance for their interaction on your WordPress/WooCommerce website.
  • Multiple Point Types: Create multiple point types through the admin area to manage things easily. There is no limit to the number of point types you can have at your disposal.
  • Buy Points: Allows your users to purchase points using real money using some of the most popular payment gateways available in the market today.
  • Store Payments: Allowing your users to pay for orders/tickets using their point balance instead of real money.
  • Open Badge Functionality – new opportunities to recognize and validate achievements digitally.
  • Add badge details (name, achievement, website details, etc.).
  • Badge recognition and validation through different badge verification websites.
  • Single Badge Page is an exclusive page for each badge and its information (badge name, image, badge description, achievements, and benefits)
  • Open Badge Search Filter – [myCred badge list] shortcode gives you the ability to add search fields and filters for badges.
  • Evidence Shortcode – Technical support for badge verification purposes.
  • Badge Evidence Download Button – Access Open Badges of any users on the website. The admin can also download any given badge images.
  • The “Quick Edit” badge option will allow you to modify the information of any particular badge.

Add specific reward details to any of your products.


Each time myCred adds or deducts points from a user, the adjustment is logged in a dedicated log, allowing your users to browse their history. This log keeps a record of your user’s accountability, badges, and ranks, among other useful statistics.

This log data can be converted into charts to help you visualize the usage and circulation of points on your website.

You can achieve the following features by using a dedicated log for your points system:

  • Set a limit to the maximum number of times each reward can be given out points to your user.
  • Badges will use the log’s data to determine which user has earned a badge.
  • Add-ons such as Sell Content use the log to track users who have purchased posts from your website.
  • Add-ons use the log to ensure that a user does not gain repetitive points for the same interaction within a given time frame.

Digital Payments & Payouts

Managed Payments

To be able to support all your audience, team, suppliers, contractors, and entire business ecosystem’s digital payment needs can often become a very time-consuming and sometimes fearful task.

So we created a fully managed and automated approach that any connected business can take advantage of.

Payment Gateways

Let your audience pay how they like by offering:



The network-integrated member wallet.

Automated Revenue Share

Business owners can easily build the commision program contracts needed to automate their sales processes.

Set store wide commissions, product specific commissions, and control who has access to which programs and rewards.

Transferring to all parties involved.

The idea that you have to pay fees to transfer to others seems a little rediculous to us. Transfer to any connected member at any time with 0% fees.


Network Integrated Member Wallet

Revenue Share Fee

There is a 4% revenue share fee charged to all money earned through a business store for businesses. 

We charge a % fee to make it easy for businesses to get started and to ensure the network is only paid when you succeed!


The revenue sharing doesn’t stop there.

We split the fee 50/50 with The Business Owner’s Team Leader.

This means you have another member tied to your success!

It also means that you get 2% of all your team members’ store sales that have connected to our managed payments program.

We all win, together.

Do it yourself (include payments dashboard for store, affiliates and Mycred)

We add your member tracking URL to all the social share links.

Any new member, who came from a member tracking URL, that registers or creates an account (makes a purchase) through any connected business is added to the member that owns the Tracking URL’s revenue share team

Where do you 

want to go?

Receive 20% revenue share

Member Tracking IDs are easily added to any connected URL

Member tracking IDs are represented by the member profile username and can be added to the end of and connected to such URL and shared to any business network.

New person registers through a URL with its specific tracking ID

When a new member registers (after initially coming through a tracking ID) and within 120 days, our system  automatically adds them to the member`s team.

 Automated Revenue Sharing with your Team Members.

Members are paid automatically via their member profile wallet

Earn via all connected bonus commission programs and revenue share contracts. 

 All payouts are automatically deposited into the member wallets.
Withdrawal at anytime.

Are you ready to bring your business online?

Build, customize and launch websites, online stores, and digital communities using The Digital Office Dashboard.

Take advantage of our pre-integrated web builder tools and process automations that get the applications you need to support your digital business online faster.


Our goal is to assist all of our members to build their own digital business, analytically scale, while automating processes to truly delight their customers.

Any member who registers through any of the connected sites gains access to network wide affiliate tracking, revenue sharing, and a digital wallet.

Saving you time, money and a crazy amount of technical head-aches.

No longer  worry about complicated backends with our web builder dashboard.

Pre-built functionality thats is ready to go at the click of a button to get your business’ vision online faster.

Easy Backend Management

Our connected specialists are here to support any gaps in needed to build, connect, and grow your digital business.

Our team has assisted companies ranging from small to large and young to old with digital marketing, web applications, and technical integration our team has assisted companies in reaching their digital strategy goals.

Will your business be next?

Are you ready?

Bring your business online!

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