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Gone are the days of not knowing your return on marketing investment, sales complaining about the quality of marketing leads, and having to do repeated processes continuously. 

Throughout the buyer’s journey your visitors will overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals differently and you will need to understand what they’re thinking and feeling, as they progress toward making a purchase that way you match them step for step.

Knowing who your customers are, what content they need, and when they need that content is a great first step! 

The goal is to get you consistent leads coming to your business in a trackable and measurable way that leads a visitor to your desired action to a desired action. This is done through designing and writing intelligent inbound campaigns that use your digital business content to  creating inbound funnels that uses your business content to get people, who are interested in your business, to “raise their hand” and qualify themselves as a legit sales lead.

Upsell and cross-sell through support

Focus on the delight stage if you’re looking to improve your customer retention, customer lifetime value, and referrals.

It is important that you focus on spreading your resources across the entire buyers journey.
The payoff comes from building loyal customers who will refer traffic and new customers to your business.

Integrate selling systems and empower your team to social sell online.

Focus on building relationships not selling products or services.

Are you spending a lot of time prospecting? Trying to find individuals who are not only interested in your product or service but are who you have identified as a good prospect.

No longer do you need to wait for people to come and find your business with the use of social media and online platforms you have the opportunity to go out and engage in where the discussion is happening today.

Communication funnels will allow you to create an offer and specific action you want the prospect to take. This partnered with automated follow-ups will create a powerful revenue-generating tool for you.

Social Outreach.

Today, your social media profiles are often a new prospect’s first interaction with your organization. Professional design and the copy that leads people into your marketing funnels can make a huge difference in driving new leads from social.

    • Understand the platforms that your audience considers interesting and relevant.
    • Create content that matches the voice and tone you want to establish for your brand.
    • Publish the type of content a user may be looking for on that specific channel.

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Qualify leads from your marketing initiatives with automated processes through CRM and Sales Acceleration Technology Integration.

Earn 150 RevShare Coins


Reducing your customer cost per acquisition

Social Selling

Social Selling Online

Email Automation

Upsell through support

Track the metrics that leads to your organization's success with marketing attribution reports.

Marketing attribution reports pull together all the relevant interactions from your buyers’ journey using pre-built models that can definitively answer which channels and content are helping you meet your marketing goals. This is a very important step to analytically show how marketing is contributing to your business bottom line.

Customer Metrics:

    • Life-time value
      • how much revenue do you earn on average, from a customer?

    • Lifetime value multiplied by Conversion Rate
      • How much is each potential visit worth to you based on the percentage of visitors who convert?

    • Average Sale
      • How much is the average purchase from social media into your website?

    • Pay-per click ad valuation
      • How much would you end up paying if you were to use ads to achieve the same social media results?

    • Resource Savings
      • Were you able to have a customer take an action on social that will save company money elsewhere?

Top level KPIs:

    • Sentiment analysis
    • Competitor benchmarking
    • Website traffic
    • Reach and engagement

Leading Indicators of Success:

    • Sign-ups for email, webinars and events
    • Product Downloads and trials
    • Purchases
    • Downloads of marketing materials
    • Visit-to-lead conversion rate
    • Campaign Results

Return on Investment:

    • Direct sales revenue
    • Lead conversions
    • Support Costs
    • Lifetime value
    • Retention and loyalty
    • SLA
    • Time to resolution
    • Customer Satisfaction (NPS)
    • Sentiment

Marketing Automation Tech Setup.

Effective marketing automation considers the evolving needs of your leads, and the behaviors and interactions they have with you across all your marketing channels.

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

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