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We grow the fastest together

RevShare Coins direct the network’s collected revenue, monthly disbursements in turn  powering our network’s financial operations and growth. 

All profits that are collected from The Digital Society network and Generation Digital Corp’s Digital Services will be automatically collected into the Revenue Share Fund. On the 15th day of every month, the Revenue Share Fund will be dispersed evenly between every holder of a RevShare Coin. The rest of the minted coins will be distributed internally to provide budgets for all our departments.

Our team is working on integrating and automating the Revenue Share Fund. However, our members can expect monthly DGEN disbursements to start in the upcoming months!

We grow the fastest – together.

Revenue share with members that assist with network growth!

Early Membership Give Away Bonus

For a limited time, members can earn RevShare coins by building their profile and digital business!

20,000,000 RevShare Coins are being given away to members who complete Award Missions at The Digital Office.

These Award Missions will help set up your profile and set you on a path for your online business success!

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Top up DGEN Balance


RevShare Coins in circulation 

1,000,000,000 RevShare Coins are being used which control an equal share of all network collected revenue.


Initial Release of RevShare Coins for member purchase

150,000,000 RevShare Coins are available to be exchanged with DGENs at an exchange rate of 1 RevShare / 0.01 DGEN.  

Sharing on all RevShare Coin Exchanges

  • 40% of the DGENs exchanged for RevShare Coins are distributed between current RevShare Coin holders equally for those RevShare Coins owned by members at time of the exchange. 
  • 10% of DGENs exchanged for RevShare Coins from purchases are provided to the member that has the profile that does the exchange on behalf of one of their team members.
  • Encourage your team members to convert their DGENs to RevShare Coins! 

These will be dispersed to RevShare Coin holders on the 6th day of each month.

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

Earn 150 RevShare Coins

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